About the Regal Storytellers


SARAH CROME Sarah was born in Redhill, Surrey in 1966. She spent early childhood in West Africa and the Middle East before returning to England. She trained as an Artist and graphic designer and later turned to writing. Scottish History was always a passion for Sarah and in 1999, she published her book ‘Scotland’s First War of Independence’.

She has since worked on many historical projects relating to Medieval Scotland, particularly Robert the Bruce. Over the years, her mission has been to present Scotland’s history to the world in an engaging and inspiring way. She has worked with organisations such as Historic Environment Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Natioanl Trust on historical trails and ehibitions.


Sarah collaborated with Paul on his Wee Robert Bruce stories to publish the first book ‘The Adventures of Wee Robert Bruce’ in 2012. The popularity of the this book led to the next book in the series ‘More Adventures of Wee Robert Bruce’ and she has been busy ever since.



Paul was born in Robroyston, Glasgow in 1962 shortly before his twin sister Donna. 

He studied Media and Communication at Clydebank College in Scotland and is an award winning short film maker through his writing and as an actor. Paul also studies Scottish history and culture, and participates in storytelling events. Inspired by the 19th century fairytales and folklore created in Germany by the Brothers Grimm, Paul has branched into writing childrens’ fictional short stories and poetry. 

As a younger man, Paul spent several years in Belgium. There, he lived the bohemian life style as an artist for seven years with exhibitions in Antwerp and Brussels. He speaks Flemish and Dutch. 

At an early age Paul obtained the gift of spiritualism and has used these psychic experiences to write his ‘Wee Bruce’ short stories. They focus on a ‘gifted’ boy who accepts his fate during the medieval period, and through hardships is helped and influenced through the spirit world.