The Regal Storytellers have received very positive feedback from all of their audiences. Here are some of the comments:

“This takes story telling to a whole new level. The stories are so vivid you can almost feel the heat of the fire and the chill of the snow. Interactive, inclusive and amazing. Enchanting children and adults alike. Keep up the good work” 

Parent helper, Vale of Leven Library event.

“I am writing to say I enjoyed your performance. I loved when you told the story. I really liked being the lady in waiting. I loved pouring the Queen’s wine. It was very comfy sitting on the throne. My favourite part was getting a mini silver statue of the King”

Milla, pupil at Lennoxtown Primary.

“The Robert the Bruce storytelling event at the Old Town Jail kept both children and adults enthralled. The location was very atmospheric from the yurt interior to the entrance of the King and his Queen. The costumes were lavish and the story, although a little scary had just enough to keep everyone listening. The audience participation by adding sounds, kept even the most fidgety child at bay. The use of two pupils as page boy and lady in waiting again was an added dimension, especially with the costumes. The length of the story was just right, and all that attended had a wonderful time, suspending reality and entering into another world that enraptured and became real …….” 

Primary 4 teacher, Allan’s Primary, Stirling.

‘It was amazing because it felt like real life”

“Robert the Bruce told the story as though he meant it”

“It was brilliant because the story sounded real, even though it was make believe”

Primary 4 pupils, Allan’s Primary, Stirling.

“The Regal Storytellers have hosted several school events in Alexandria Library, where we’ve found them to be educational, inspirational and lots of fun for children and adults alike. There is a real buzz about the room during these sessions, where children are mesmerized by the stories they hear.”

“They dress as Robert the Bruce and Queen Elizabeth de Burgh, interact well with the children and bring Scottish history to life.”

Claire Baillie, Alexandria Library



“It was really funny when Adam’s head nearly got chopped off. We could ask you questions and I asked how many wars have you been in? The story was absolutely brilliant.”

Aaron Graham, pupil, Bonhill Primary

“Handsome, bearded Robert the Bruce and his lovely Queen were star guests at our 20th Birthday Party, and the only people to be photographed with! The storytelling was fantastic, and so was the walkabout - we never expected our birthday cake to be cut by King Robert with his replica medieval sword! It was wonderful fun.” 

Catherine Gillies, Heritage Director, Abbot House Dunfermline (01383 733266)

“I really liked how entertaining it was, and thank you for the sweetie - its was almost as sweet as your queen! Thank you for explaining your amazing book.

Lauren Fraser, pupil, Bonhill Primary

“I loved meeting you. I really like your books because they teach you all about Scottish history. I liked your acting because it was really believable”

Euan Erskine, pupil, Christie Park Primary